Piano, violin and guitar lessons in Salzburg

Learning an instrument invigorates the senses and opens the door to greater self-esteem, well-being and happiness.

We offer piano lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons and electric guitar lessons in Salzburg.

How difficult is it to learn to play a musical instrument? Our answer is: It is actually not difficult at all, in fact it is great fun and brings enthusiasm and joy.

If you make your wish your goal, it doesn't matter whether you are an absolute beginner or have already experience. With a music teacher at your side, you can have your first learning experience from the comfort of your own home and discover the joy of playing a musical instrument.

If you are already a musician and want to maximize your talent to become a professional musician, you know and understand that only practice can make a master.
We are happy to help you with technique, motivation and perseverance to learn an instrument and to improve more and more.
Don't wait, start your musical journey to a better and less stressed life today and give your brain and soul the beautiful and inspiring stimulation to grow as a person and rediscover the world through a musical, inspiring perspective.


Cristina Braga is the best music teacher I know. My daughter started learning the violin with her at the age of 3. The lessons were always tailored to her individual needs and pace and, above all, were always fun. Today my daughter is 9 years old and still attends her lessons with great enthusiasm. Cristina is such a great violin teacher that I started taking lessons with her myself. She is a very good teacher for children and adults. I can only warmly recommend her.
Christine W. Tr├╝ltzsch-Wijnen
Mario's guitar lessons are excellent. I've been taking lessons with Mario for a few months now and I've already made huge progress. The structure of his lessons is very good and incredibly fun. I always look forward to my weekly guitar lessons.
Stefanie Maria Huber
Cristina is not only a wonderful violin teacher - she reacts very well to the current progress and the daily condition, gives practical tips and takes great care not to teach too much at once, she can explain well, she encourages and challenges just the right amount and you notice that she has a lot of experience in teaching the technique in different ways - she is also a cheerful and friendly person and you feel really comfortable in her lessons. I always look forward to my violin lesson with Cristina.
Eva Zangerle