Learn to play the piano, violin and guitar in Salzburg

Our teaching is based on a system that consists of four successful pillars:


The aim is not only to teach you how to play an instrument, but also to provide you with a concrete and effective working method. In this way, you can also carry out the exercises on your own and practice independently at any time.


Pure theory without practice is useless. To learn is more important to practice than accumulating theoretical knowledge. Every note, every piece that you play has a positive effect. So every single lesson takes you one step further, towards a certain result.


Without this component, without fun and inner joy, learning a musical instrument and making music is difficult. That is why we attach great importance to ensuring that you have a lot of fun during your lessons with us.


In addition to the above mentioned points, we bring all of our many years of international experience in playing and teaching music and playing an instrument.
We have been teaching for more than 20 years, and have mentored and encouraged hundreds of students and taught them all the helpful tricks of the instrument. Each lesson is tailored to your specific needs.